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A series of practical instructions on wisdom, compassion and mindfulness shared by Matthieu Ricard.  

Imagine Clarity, the meditation app for Social Good.

“The ultimate goal of meditation is to transform yourself to better transform the world.”—Matthieu Ricard

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Matthieu Ricard donates all his author's proceeds from the app to the humanitarian projects of Karuna-Shechen.

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The Moral Obligation to Treat All Beings with Compassion. An Interview with Matthieu Ricard, by Garrison Institute.

By Matthieu Ricard on December 29, 2016

In his most recent book, A Plea for the Animals: The Moral, Philosophical, and Evolutionary Imperative to Treat All Beings with Compassion, Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard makes a case for ending our exploitation of non-human animals. If we stopped eating animal products, he says, we could start to alleviate global hunger, significantly reduce ou...

Why I am a Vegetarian

By Matthieu Ricard on October 17, 2016

“It just takes just one second to decide to stop. The main reason not to eat meat and fish is to spare others' life. This is not an extreme perspective. This is a most reasonable and compassionate point of view.” My first Buddhist teacher, Kangyur Rinpoche, was a very strict vegetarian. I was inspired by him and also by a deep inner reasonin...

A Plea for the Animals: Dolphins Are Not Toys

By Matthieu Ricard on September 14, 2016

The dolphinarium industry is a perfect example of institutionalized selfishness. Money is the driving force that creates and runs them. Their educational, recreational, and environmental facades are covers for the merciless enslavement of species gifted with rare intelligence and who enjoy a rich and complex social life. In the people who run...

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Just as every single thing is always moving inexorably closer to its ultimate dissolution, so also your own life, like a burning butter-lamp, will soon be consumed. It would be foolish to think that you can first finish all your work and then retire to spend the later stages of your life practicing the Dharma. Can you be certain that you will live that long? Does death not strike the young as well as the old? No matter what you are doing, therefore, remember death and keep your mind focused on the Dharma. . . .
DILGO KHYENTSE RINPOCHE (1910-1991) Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche The Heart Treasure of the Enlightened Ones, Shambhala 1992.


World's Happiest Man is Vegan

Published on October 27, 2016

Matthieu Ricard's brain was determined to be neurologically "happier" after a 12-year medical study at the University of Wisconsin.

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Empowering Indian Women to Reach Their Potential

Published on January 02, 2017

Karuna-Shechen’s vocational training programs help women build confidence in their abilities and learn revenue-generating skills. With this training, they are able to provide financial support for t...

Gifts of Solidarity

Published on December 13, 2016

Matthieu Ricard, our founder and president, donates all proceeds from his publications to Karuna-Shechen. By purchasing one of his books, the new Imagine Clarity app, or one of his photographs, you a...