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On Forgiveness

Forgiveness does not mean that we forgive the act perpetrated, but rather, that we forgive the imperfection that lies within most of us. It is also about recognizing the potential for change.

With this view, even if the person does not regret his action and does not seem to be changing his attitude and behavior, forgiveness is still possible.

Forgiveness is acknowledging that the wrongdoer’s mind and being is unwell, and considering that person like a physician would treat a crazy patient, with caution and care, and without any hatred.


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Man during festivities (Eastern Tibet, 2010)

Thought of the week

By sincerely training in the meditation practice of exchanging suffering for happiness, you will eventually become capable of actually taking on others’ illnesses and curing them and giving them your happiness in reality. Moreover, those with harmful intentions, even evil spirits who try to steal people’s life force, will be powerless to harm either you or anyone else if you exchange their suffering and hatred with your happiness and peace.
Simplified from The Heart of Compassion
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